Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles

Your Personal Mindset Coach for When You Need It

What action do you need to take to create that life of freedom, success and abundance you dream of?

You don't need to struggle for years to make the changes you want to make now. Hypnotherapy is the go-to method for self-improvement chosen by leaders, business owners, professional athletes and creatives, and more.

Transformational Tools

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Integrated Time Line model are widely known as some of the most effective methods for creating rapid, lasting life transformation.

Smoking Cessation

When you’re ready to end the habit, experience the all-natural, rapid and proven method for getting cigarettes out of your life and getting you back to the healthy life you desire and deserve.

Jordan Wolan, C.Ht.

Jordan Wolan, C.Ht. is a hypnotherapist and mindset coach in Los Angeles. She helps her clients break through roadblocks, eliminate fears, and create success. She specializes in issues related to anxiety, phobias, addictive behaviors, and peak performance. Read More…