How many sessions will I need?

The length of treatment depends on several factors. Many issues can be resolved in 3 to 6 sessions, and sometimes in just one.

How do sessions work?

The first session is 90 minutes, and regular sessions are 60 minutes.

Do you accept insurance?

I don’t accept insurance, as hypnotherapy is considered complementary or alternative healthcare, and hypnotherapists are not licensed by the State of California. It’s best to check with your individual insurance plan if they will cover hypnotherapy.

Can hypnotherapy assist with medical issues?

Every year, studies are coming out of major universities supporting the effectiveness of hypnosis as part of medical treatment procedures. Because we are working with the underlying emotions which get suppressed or stored in the body, a common benefit is relaxation and stress relief.

Common medical issues that benefit from hypnotherapy include chronic pain, migraines, high blood pressure and even skin conditions. See White Paper on Hypnosis for Common Medical Conditions.

Will I cluck like a chicken?

This is a question people ask all the time, because their only experience with hypnosis was seeing the movie “Get Out” or a stage show. These are for entertainment. In the therapy office you can open your eyes, respond and get up whenever you want to.



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