(The following comments were provided with client permission.)


“Jordan is a powerful healer and hypnotist. She clearly explained what would happen in our session so that I felt reassured and prepared. She gently guided me through a deep process where I felt a lot of peace and transformation occur. All day after our session I felt more centered, connected, confident and calm. She also works with NLP and integrates it into her sessions, helping the mind to shift to a new operating system that just works better. I am excited to see new changes in my life and will definitely work with her again.” – Kate, Equine-Assisted Life Coach

“Things have been looking up for me and I’m feeling much better and more confident.  Our sessions really helped me to be stronger and stand up for myself.” – M. in Orange County

“I cannot thank you enough. Your work with me on my block was fast and fabulous. Your approach and grasp of my concern was right on target.” – K. in Los Angeles

“All I have to say about Jordan is that she is not only a professional hypnotherapist, but a kind, compassionate human being devoted to assisting her clients in bettering their lives.” – M. in Los Angeles

“She quickly and accurately understood and identified my concern and then led me in a session that cleared the issue for me. She is trustworthy and brilliant. I have been to other hypnotherapists in the past, but none of them have her skills and talents.” – K., Realtor in Los Angeles

“I had a session with Jordan to try to break through a block with making money and having the confidence to present a new product with excitement and commitment. The session was very powerful and I felt a strong shift. I highly recommend her for any personal blocks you want to break through. She will release your inner blocks and give you the tools for change. In my case, it only took one session. ” – S., Sales, Los Angeles

“Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of allowing other people to dictate how I feel and regain my confidence to be the bold and powerful woman that I am. You too can be who you are destined to be. You just need to have Jordan crack the door open for you so you can walk out with infinite possibilities.” – Katrina, Stylist in Los Angeles

“You made the whole experience very calm and relaxing…the hypnotherapy sessions with you have significantly helped me increase my confidence as a leader in my business and on a personal level as well.” – T., Wellness Coach in Los Angeles

“Jordan really helped me understand hypnosis and how it works. I was going through a career change and felt a little resistance when it came to focus because of what I was doing prior. Jordan was able to identify my problem and put it in perspective so that I could move forward and focus on what is really important for me. I am forever grateful for the advice and guidance that Jordan was able to provide. By far she is the best hypnotherapist that really takes the time to understand you and your needs. I would highly recommend any of my friends to see her. She will help you overcome any roadblocks that you may have in life!! Thank you Jordan!!” – M., Finance, Los Angeles

“I’ve been working with Jordan for two and a half years now. My life has completely changed for the better thanks to the work she has done with me.”- J. in Los Angeles


Personal Breakthrough Session

“I haven’t written many yelp reviews but after my session with Jordan Wolan I decided this is a must because I had my breakthrough session with her back in August 2016. I honestly had no idea how much it would change my life. All for the better. Though making changes and taking action upon the things that I discovered in my unconscious mind that was brought forth from Jordan were painful to work through. I’m here to say almost a year later that my life has changed immensely. I’m much happier, stronger, and more empowered. Jordan taught me that I am in charge of my life. My life is not in charge of me. Working with her throughout my breakthrough and the follow up sessions helped me to get through it all.” – Jen, Massage Therapist


Past Life Regression Therapy

“Jordan provided a warm, non-judgmental environment as she guided me through my first past-life regression session. I felt safe and cared for.” – M., Therapist in Los Angeles



“I have been blessed by the compassionate loving healing energy from Jordan in an amazing hypno-reiki session. I felt lighter and mentally clearer. I had been re-energized and revitalized.” – G., Los Angeles

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