With all the information out there about what to eat and how to exercise, the weight loss industry is still a $70 billion dollar industry. Extreme diets and pills only leave people feeling deprived, frustrated and unwell.

When you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself, hypnotherapy can help you create a sustainable and lasting lifestyle change. We start with creating new habits, and removing triggers to emotional eating, while you keep enjoying your social life. We will be incorporating nutrition awareness and physical movement, with motivation and ease.

There are several ways we can help you stick with and achieve your health goals, whether you just need to manage cravings, or to implement a fitness program. If you already have a personal trainer lined up, even better.


  • Creating awareness, strengthening motivation and focus on outcomes/goals
  • Consistency and incorporation of fitness program, nutrition plan, and quality of life
  • Changing behavior such as emotional eating, managing stress, handling cravings and portion control
  • Releasing emotional and physical weight through addressing inner work, healing past experiences and trauma, transforming limiting beliefs and decisions

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